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Discover Apolo Ohno's insightful perspective as an author in his books Hard Pivot and Zero Regrets, where he shares his remarkable journey from Olympic gold to thriving entrepreneurship. Delve into these books to uncover the principles of resilience, leadership, and perseverance that define his path to success.

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2010 Book Signing Apolo Ohno - Zero Regrets

"To live each day to the best of your ability. To live a life of integrity and purpose. To be the best that you can be whether you win or lose. If you have done these things, then you are a winner. Apolo Ohno writes a moving and very personal account about the way he attempts to conduct his life every day. This is an uplifting, inspiring story about a wild and rebellious young man who was headed in the wrong direction, most likely to jail. Instead, he evaluated his choices and chose to live a life that matters."


Watched Apolo compete back in the days. His book title Hard Pivot caught my attention, always interested to hear when people does a sudden turn in life and in what aspects. I can see why others describe this as a self-help book as it seemed/sounded ‘instructional’ (I listened to the audiobook), though I personally don’t categorize it as such. What I hear is his genuine eagerness to share what he had learned in hopes that it will benefit the reader. I hear honesty and true humility, the latter always the hardest to do for most of us. I’ve had recent similar experience as Apolo and would have to say the most important and (always) timely reminder this book gave me: Do not forget to B.R.E.A.T.H.E.

Shelby Renee

So thankful I read this book when I did. Such a beautiful reminder that we can pivot our life at any given time. I think this book is truly meant for someone who has experienced early on success in life or their career and is looking for reasons to keep moving forward, change gears or hard pivot, as he states. Easy read and the journaling prompts hit! Great reminders.

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This is an interesting book! The author walks a fine line, avoiding both repetition and self-glorification. He describes the specific ways he did both physical and mental preparation for his speed skating. He is great at not blaming others and at accepting his lot in life. This is a great book for teens, even wayward teens. The audiobook is narrated well by the author.

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Have you ever watched Apolo skate? Ever wonder about him and his life off the ice? If you are, then you should pick this book up. When Apolo had to stop skating, he had to change his life. These are the tools that he has learned over the years and how he put them into practice when he had to change his life. Great practical advice about life and how to change yours.


I was first intrigued by the title of this book. Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday. This book was more than a memoir or a trip down memory lane, it was all about the thoughts and actions of a champion. Spill wrote about his victories, how he prepared physically and mentally to win. And he also wrote about when races weren't successful and how to push on.

It was fun to read about the Olympic Games. I remember sitting watching him race and the madness of short-track speed skating. I learned a lot about the strategy and the draw of the sport.

Very inspiring to set goals, push hard, be better!